Smart 5G Patrol Robots Equipped with Advantech’s MIC-770 Edge Computer Deployed to Fight Coronavirus

Taipei, Taiwan, March 2020⁠ — As part of its effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, China is using 5G patrol robots developed by Guangzhou Gosuncn Robot Co.,Ltd using Advantech technology to monitor mask wearing and body temperatures in public places.


Updating a Massive Bus System in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of Europe’s largest urban areas, and the population is used to high standards of living. They therefore expect the same from their transport infrastructure. Stockholm County Council wants to operate attractive, accessible and sustainable public transport. Considerable work is underway to expand and modernize the services to create a world-class public service. Advantech has helped to produce a modern, secure and powerful communications network for Stockholm’s mobile public transport assets.


ICR-3200 Series for All IoT Applications

The Advantech ICR-3200 LTE gateway is the perfect way to connect IP or serial devices to a cellular network. It is an all-interface-in-1 slim cellular router that fulfills various connectivity needs without occupying a lot of space. The dual SIM slots plus one embedded SIM card support multiple service providers with multiple bandwidths across all regions. The optional Wi-Fi 802.11ac, using MU-MIMO technology, is appropriate for onboard Wi-Fi transport applications. Supporting GNSS further enables precise location monitoring and management.


About Us

As a leading brand in worldwide, Advantech offers Industrial-Internet of thins applications and solutions to put industry 4.0 into practice for the business. We devote ourselves to enabling intelligent factory, intelligent city, and an intelligent planet. In present, Advantech serves above 95 major cities in 23 countries. Now, We are expanding our service to Baltic States in 2020. Advantech Baltic States provides all kinds of products to fulfill the need of industry automation for industries.


Modular Box PCs Provide Flexibility for Industry 4.0

Advantech’s UNO series products are box platforms that feature a modularized design and are available with options for single stack or stack-up version. These platforms offer high flexibility and time-to-market support for a variety of applications. The single-stack UNO model provides basic functionality while enable further expansion capability. With the second stack, users can choose from more than 20 iDoor technology selections to enrich the service of UNO platform.


Energy Management System

Swansea Metropolitan University (SMU) based in South Wales (UK), has been a major centre for the delivery of vocational higher education since 1853. The University employs more than 500 staff and teaches more than 6,000 students. The Welsh Assembly (Welsh government) sets energy targets for large organizations to achieve and by doing so they receive some form of rebates or benefits.