WebAccess HMI/SCADA Software

Advantech WebAccess is a web browser-based software package for HMI/SCADA software. All the features found in WebAccess HMI/SCADA software including SCADA Server, Widget Library, Excel Reporting, Remote Device Management, Animated Graphics Displays, Real-time Data, Control, Trends, Alarms and Logs, are available in HTML5 Dashboard which provides cross-platform and cross-browser data access and user interface.

  • BASPro

    BASPro is a programming software package suitable for building automation application, perfectly integrating with BAS-3500 Series DDC Controller (Direct Digital Controller). BASPro features rich function blocks like mathematical calculation, data conversion, logic operation, alarm, event and timer, and control algorithm (PID, Ramp, ON/OFF switch control). Moreover, BASPro also provides many BA domain function blocks, such as scheduler, HVAC calculation and sequential control, which are commonly used in building applications. Developers can benefit from saving development time by the function blocks. Engineers can develop applications on their computer. After the application program is complete, it can be downloaded to the BAS-3500 series through Ethernet. Then BAS-3500 series becomes a standalone controller since it can execute the program by itself. Besides, BASPro delivers simulation function that you can observe the program execution situation before the program is downloaded to the...

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