Wireless IoT Sensing Solution : WISE-2000

Domain focus IoT application with WISE-2210/2211/2410/2834. WISE-2000 series is an all-in-one total wireless IoT sensing solution from Advantech.

  • WISE-2210

    Self-powered with LPWAN technology are ideal for power measurement applications. Powered by maximum 3 CT (Current Transformer). We support power current range from 3~60A to 15~300A for different power current measurement applications.

  • 96PD-THS16B

    96PD-THS16B is a high accuracy industrial used temperature and humidity sensor. With IP65 and full coating design, 96PD-THS16B can support most of the harsh environment in the world.

  • WISE-2211

    WISE-2211 is the proprietary LPWAN (Sub-G) self-powered analog input module which provides better connection compare with traditional wireless tech. WISE-2211 can fast connect your sensors, which has DC output, without installation another power source.

  • WISE-2410

    WISE-2410 is a LoRaWAN wireless conditional monitoring sensor integrated with ARM Cortex-M4 Processor, LoRa transceiver, 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor. Battery life cycle is 2 years with IP66 enclosure.

  • WISE-2834

    RFID technology is widely used in facility monitoring, access control and package tracking application on buildings, factories and transportation industry. With Advantech's solution, users can easily receive the data through Node-Red on WISE-2834.

  • WISE-S100

    With WISE-4000 wireless modular I/O series to pair with WISE-S100 sensor, users are capable of having the remote and intelligent OEE solution without stopping the machinery, worrying about tangle wiring or tearing the light tower cables apart to enhance the productivity and OEE.

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